Does it need to be refrigerated?

Yes! The product contains perishable ingredients and does need refrigeration. 

How long does the product last?

Once opened, consume with 5-6 days. If unopened, there is an Enjoy By Date which can be found at the bottom of the container.

Is it High Pressure Processed (HPP)?

Yes it is. HPP uses extreme pressure under very cold water to eliminate harmful bacteria and yeast while keeping the nutrients and flavor of our Dips! This increases the shelf life of our dips. Please click here for more information about this.

Why is there water in the containers?

When the product undergoes HPP, some of the water we use in our dips separates from the rest of the ingredients. Simply stir it back in and enjoy!

Is is Preservative and Additive Free?

Yes all our products are Preservative and Additive Free.

Is it vegan?

Yes it is! We do not use any dairy in our products.

Is it gluten free?

Yes all our products are Gluten Free.

Is it Soy free?

Yes all our products are Soy Free.

Is it Sugar free?

Yes all our products are Sugar Free.

Can I freeze it?

Yes! Thaw completely before consumption. Remember the contents may separate but just mix well then enjoy!